365 Days of Creation Challenge

As a way to keep me occupied and challenging my mind. I’ve decided to embark on 365 days of creation. By creation, I mean creating fashion designs that will enhance my sewing skills and further develop my creativity. Everyone knows that the more you practice something the better you get at it.

I plan on keeping a fun and optimistic perspective, where I won’t judge myself too harshly when things don’t look the way I envision them. This attitude has kept me from creating in the past. I also want to set up realistic expectations in terms of how many items I can complete in a year. I am aiming for 12 in total, but this will depend on the level of complexity of an item.

I will be documenting the process and publishing each piece on the blog.

I have created the first design for the year, I am naming her “The Nana Bustier” named after my daughter’s favorite Anime. I will be gifting this Bustier/Corset to my daughter for her 15th birthday.

The front of the bustier is created out of silk linen, the back is made out of poly spandex. I added boning for support and eyelets will be added for a laced back closure.

The pattern was created previously. So, I took some leftover fabric from a previous project and cut the pattern. I ran into some challenges during the making of this garment. I had to find alternative ways to add boning. I felt frustrated during the aligning of the pleats. The silk linen fabric turned out to be a real challenge, this linen was very sensitive to heat, I had to sprint water to remove the creases but some creases became permanent.

I then pleated and pressed the fabric.

Sewed a basting stitch all around the edges,








The next step was to sew all the panels together. During this step, I was feeling a little overwhelmed since most of the pleats were not aligning. But I didn’t lose my cool and continued to repeat the process until I achieved my desired look.

The next step was to complete the back layer where the boning would be added.


Then I added the steel boning by inserting it to underwire channeling ( I had to improvise)






I joined the two layers together and binded them with a grosgrain binding,continued process all around.






Here is the completed piece:


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