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Clothing: A Tool for Transformation

Why do you have a favorite sweater or dress?

Logically we assume it’s because of the way the item looks and how comfortable we feel in them. But it actually has more to do with the association we create while wearing the clothing. 

Dressing up, is the fastest and most effective way to elevate our mood. We dress for the person we want to be perceived as, whether it’s to be confident sexy or successful.

If you went on a date and had a successful evening, every article of clothing will be associated with the outcome of the date. Our minds subconsciously forms an association between events and the clothing worn. Creating an emotional attachment to the item.

Which is why we deliberately choose our favorite pieces to specific places. We are attempting to recreating the feelings of happiness, success, confidence, peace, and safety.

The body generates these feelings the same way eating releases endorphins throughout our bodies.

If we use this knowledge to our advantage we can impregnated the clothing with feelings of our desired outcome. Which then influences the result of any experience.

How you feel is the key generator for success.

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