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Discovering the Truth Beyond Labels

Have you ever observed something without judgment, without a single thought? Your thoughts alter your reality by bringing expectations when you look at something and think an idea.

Thoughts come with feelings, and emotions and conjure memories, which are past experiences. Seeing the world through past experiences hinders us from perceiving the reality of the situation.

To see the world from a neutral perspective, we need to be aware of how our influence shapes what we see. When you name an object, you automatically assume you understand it, missing its true essence.


Psychologist Richard Gregory proposed that perception is constructive. We hypothesize based on prior knowledge, pattern recognition, and context when we observe something. Richard Gregory’s experiments can be explored on

Living our lives solely based on recycled experiences hinders true living. Each day is unique, yet we often overlook the constant transformation happening around us. Fixated on our past programming, our minds struggle to overwrite it. 

Labeling things brings a sense of security as we believe we understand them, no longer feeling threatened. Humans, being complex beings, possess a sensory organ, our skin, which drives us.  

Emotions and feelings influence our moods; external factors like music and food can alter our attitudes. We often tune out certain parts of our bodies while heightening others associated with pleasure. This conditioning is a result of our pleasure-seeking nature.

How to experience pleasure 

However, pleasure can be found in simple experiences like a head rub or feeling the sun’s warmth on our skin. Our choices of joy are often dictated by labels. By observing carefully, we discover pleasure in everything we do.

To gain knowledge and see the truth, we must observe without judgment from a neutral standpoint. When we watch without projecting, the world comes alive before our eyes. I challenge you to reconsider the labels you have created.

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