Hacking The Lizard Brain

 Hacking the Lizard brain (The subconscious mind)  is a matter of understanding how to impregnate the subconscious mind. By doing so, we can achieve things with much less effort.
Learning how to communicate with the subconscious is essential. Our lack of understanding creates internal conflict, which hinders our development. The saying -we are our biggest enemy, stems from the battle between the conscious and subconscious mind.

Think of your subconscious as the soil and your thoughts as the seed. If most of your thoughts are about scarcity, worrying, and hatred, then that is what you will reap. You will continue to experience more of what you are thinking about, why? Because that is where your attention is, and your focus is where your energy goes.

Why do you feel so much worry, anxiety, and experience scarcity? Because during some period of your life, you witnessed someone experiencing these things and felt afraid. Fear created an impression in your subconscious. The problem with experiencing fear is that most of the time, we don’t question why we feel that way. We close that experience and set it as the truth without allowing space for interpretation.

As I mentioned in my previous post – 7 Steps To Cleansing The Mind; the subconscious mind controls everything. So, how do we communicate to it and erase past conditioning? You start by asking questions when a feeling arises during a situation. What is making you feel this way? Then bring your awareness to your five senses, touch something, identify a smell, look at an object, pay attention to the sounds you can hear. Once your body is relaxed, you can begin to suggest different thoughts.

An effective way to reach the subconscious is through hypnosis. Hypnosis is a trance-like state that enhances your focus and awareness, allowing you to become more susceptible to suggestions. If you’ve wondered how being hypnotized feels like, its like watching a fascinating show on television where you are completely submerged and lose focus of your environment.

I suggest using hypnosis during the first few minutes after waking and right before bed. During this time, our bodies and mind show less resistance due to being fatigued.

I suggest beginning with positive affirmations, then go to specific areas you would like to improve like weight lose, concentration, self-confidence, memory retention, and anxiety.

We are creatures of habit. By changing your habits, you change your life, but instead of eliminating things, which usually makes us feel sad and creates resistance. Start by adding a new habit to your routine; this is a successful way to build discipline.

Keeping an open mind creates space for new ideas to develop, which allows us to adapt to different circumstances in life.


The mind is like a parachute it works best when it’s open.

Frank Zappa

It is our internal communication that determines our state of mind, we first interact with ourselves and then with others, how you treat yourself is imperative to developing a healthy thought pattern. The path to understanding ourselves is a diligent one, but it’s the most rewarding one.

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