have you introspected lately

Have You Introspected Lately?

Have you introspected lately? Awareness is the light we bring to our unknown triggers. When we begin searching our mind, the darkness we find leaves us feeling paralyzed to move forward. It scares us to our core, and we find ourselves lost without any visibility. Our mind is like an unfinished basement, where we only go down to store things and avoid it at all cost due to its lack of light and dingy smell, but there comes a point where we must tackle the mess either to expand our home or to take shelter from a storm.   

Rene Descartes was a French mathematician and philosopher best known for his modern approach of body- mind dualism.  His most famous quote is – 

“I think; therefore I am” 

Rene Descartes acquired most of his wisdom and intellectual development from roaming around the world and being in a constant state of observation; he observed his thoughts and the behavior of others. Through his observations, he concluded that reality is divided into two fundamentals categories the (extended substance) -the three-dimensional world and the (thinking -substance) the world of thought. He believed the mind could exist without the body, but the body could not exist without the mind, making the body a vehicle of transportation. 

He composed a serious of discourses which allow us to examine his mind and his cognitive abilities. The identification of who he was came from the ambivalence to accept every thought that formed in his mind. He said,  

“I resolved to pretend that all the things that had ever entered my mind were no truer than the illusions of my dreams, but immediately I noticed that while I was thinking in this way to think that everything was false, it was necessary that I, who was thinking this was something.” 

I believe Descartes discovered the True Self, the operator behind the system. Many of us fail to go beyond the layers of thinking, accepting each thought as they come in, failing to filter through the useless thoughts. We go through life reacting to the world around us, without analyzing the world inside our minds, the place where all of the power lies.  


  • March 22, 2021

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