Hi, I am Yanira Araujo

I am a fashion designer, a socially issued tag I acquired at the end of an arduous effort to become a professional. As many of us who graduate from college, we expect all of life answers to be available once we arrive at this destination; and we also expect our lives to to be complete and full of  happiness, comfort, safety, joy, and financial security… but this is far from the truth. 

Our societal structure and our educational system both fail miserably at preparing us on how to be adults. The pain of “being a homo-sapien” increases gradually and exponentially as soon as we take off into adulthood.  

Our lives become repetitive. Our relationships become stale. Our mind become rigid and loses its flexibility. We sentence ourselves to sets of rituals that we end up detesting, but which we can’t rebel against. 

Fashion designers -like artist, composers, painters, etc., are people who sentence themselves to a lifetime in a mental gym. If we let our creativity die, we die along with it. We love the creative challenge, we love stealing inspiration from sadness, we love reaching out and into the quintessence of all the ethereal Platonic structures that God has created and pulling from it its endless form. 

I write to discover my own self. I write to bring order into the chaos of all the questions some voice in my head keeps throwing at my mind. I write to learn. I write to share my thoughts and ideas with others hoping they can bring guidance, clarity, or some form of slight understanding to whatever pain others  maybe suffering; guidance to whatever quest others  maybe in; joy into whatever state of euphoria others may be in.