How does morality apply to our individual selves?

Morality is the collective’s belief on whether a behavior is right or wrong. If we examine the past, we can extrapolate that morality is subject to time. What we believed morally acceptable in the 16th century; is viewed as barbaric and inhumane during the 21st century.

It is a black-and-white interpretation of the events occurring around us. We like to label situations as good or bad but fail to see the details that lead to the actions. It is a judgment perspective that lacks understanding.

But we fail to examine how morality applies to us, aren’t we abusing, exploiting, and violating ourselves?

We take on jobs that don’t serve us for the sake of money. We stay in unhealthy relationships for the sake of others’ feelings, and we tolerate toxic behavior because of the fear of what others might say.

Everything society has taught us violates our mental health and physical bodies. If everything we do goes against our being, how do we expect others not to trespass our boundaries?

We should devote our time to analyzing our current commitments. The partnerships we have, and our friendships. What are we tolerating that goes against our morality?

As Socrates would say: an unexamined life is not worth living.

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