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Fabric Directory

Fabric Directory -During my time at the Fashion Institute of Technology, my life revolved around the vibrant heart of the fashion industry – the garment district. This bustling enclave became my second home, a place where creativity and craftsmanship intertwined seamlessly. It was here that I honed my skills and developed a profound appreciation for textiles.

Among the treasures that I unearthed in this urban oasis were my favorite fabric stores. Each store, with its unique offerings and ambiance, became a sanctuary for my creative endeavors.

Here is a list of fabric stores in New York City. Please note that the availability of stores and their details might change over time. It’s always a good idea to verify the current status and details of any store directly from their official website or through direct contact.

Mood Fabrics

I only come here for the dog, just kidding. 3 floors of some of the best sourced material. Best place for swatching fabrics.

Address: 225 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018


New York Elegant Fabrics

Elegant and classy really describes this place. All fabric hangers are aesthetically distributed throughout the store.

Address: 242 W 36th st, New York, NY 10018 2nd floor


B&J Fabrics

Appointment required to source fabric swatches. This place is so immaculately organized I didn’t want to touch anything.

Address: 525 7th Ave, New York, NY 10018


Threads, Zippers and Accessories

Sil Thread

I can describe this place with two words- Candy Store. They have every accessory you might need and even the ones you don’t. Bring extra cash because you will take more than what you need.

Address: 257 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018


Stretch Fabric

Spandex House

The fact that you’ll have to discard all the woven pattern making techniques you’ve learned for the past two years out the window is why 5th semester can be one of the most challenging semesters of them all. Here is where you’ll be shopping here for most of this semester.

Address: 263 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018


Stretch House

Address: 218 W. 37th St. New York, NY 10018


Affordable Prices

Metro Textiles

The welcoming face of the owner makes this place a second home.

Address: 265 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018



Just two blocks away from the FIT campus makes this the most convenient shop to go to when you are short on time.

Address: 170 W. 25th St. New York, NY 10001



Address: Brooklyn Army Terminal, Building B, Unit 5H-4

140 58th Street, Brooklyn NY 11220


Embellished Fabric

Diana Fabrics

Corsetry, Boning, Trims and Bra Materials

Bias Bespoke

Trimming and Lace

Pacific Trimming

  • Address : 220 West 38th st, New York, NY 10018, USA

MJ Trimming

  • Address: 1008 Sixth Avenue Between 37th & 38th St. New York, NY 10018

Website :

Eco Friendly / Sustainable Fabrics

Enviro Textiles

EnviroTextiles LLC, has generations-long history of experience, development/design and distribution of natural fiber yarns, fabrics, finished products, and non-woven textiles.



Eco friendly fabric and

Address: Brooklyn Army Terminal, Building B, Unit 5H-4

140 58th Street, Brooklyn NY 11220


Pattern Grading and Marking

Create A Marker

Want to buy your muslin in Bulk? they have different weight muslins and you can also purchase large rolls of dotted pattern making.

Address: 254 West 35th Street
New York, NY 10001-2504
Phone (212) 730-5615

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