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    The Power of Questions

    The Power of Questions

    Questions, and their mute Diplomatic Ambassador, “Mr. ?“, is/are one of the components of language(s) least employed by humans being in our communication with others as a tool to discover, inquiry, expand, analyze, unravel, convince, sell, enroll, coach, etc.

    I once did a series of personal development trainings, and was constantly being coached by the organization’s manager. Her constant statement… “Questions Create Openings. Answers Close Those Openings. Always Stay in The Question”, sounded like someone verbalizing a rosary at a church or prayer group. However, it was this constant repetition by this charming woman who ingrained in my subconscious mind the constant presence of asking powerful questions as a powerful communication tool.

    As Human beings, we are addicted to forcing our point of view on others. It makes us feel safe. It creates an illusion of safety. We become our own self-appointed police in charge of enforcing the laws of our own reality.

    Reality Police Officer

    If you disagree with me, I will simply use my verbal “Billy Club” police baton to whack at your head until you get, accept, understand, and believe my point of view.

    In essence, seen from this point of view, we can say that disagreement with others is basically others breaking “The Law”… obviously, it’s OUR law, our personal existential constitution.

    When we become aware that every statement that we utter is simply a never-ending promotion of our existential constitution and its rules and regulations, we then begin the practice of observation. We become quieter. We talk less. We now know what the racket is all about. It’s the little insecure, afraid, little ME, aka Ego, who is usually enforcing these rules and regulations.

    Once we begin our phase of contemplation, a whole new universe opens up for us. Notice I did not say “a whole new world…” …no! It’s much bigger than that. The potential points to a road of infinity.

    To be continued…

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