Consciousness and Brainwaves

How to Achieve Different Levels of Consciousness?

A quick definition of consciousness is the total sum of your life experiences and emotional state of being. Our experiences in life elicit emotions that are used as feelings attractors to create our state of being.

How we process what we experience is determined by our perception. Our perception translates the images and feelings and gives them meaning. The brain, the organ responsible for our internal communication and the production of chemicals; creates different brain waves; brainwaves are electrical impulses in the brain. They alter during specific times during the day depending on your activity.

Knowing the difference between these brainwaves and their functions can help increase your memory retention and improve your day-to-day capability. They can help bring clarity and alertness as well as improve your cognitive abilities.
By becoming aware of these states of consciousness we can induce them by choice.
Below is a graph demonstrating the four different types of brain waves and their induced states of being.

Each of these states can be induced by your will, or by using specific sounds that help increase or decrease brain activity.

How does knowing this information benefit you?

Well, let’s say you are taking an exam and you want to memorize information for the test. The best way to achieve more memory retention is by being in the brain wave of the Theta. During the Theta state, you are more relaxed. Being relax allows information to be processed and stored without any resistance.

Do you want to experience more moments of creativity? Then you would induce the state of Alpha. The Alpha state allows images to flow through your mind, allowing you to be more creative.

Want to finish a task with fewer distractions? Beta is the brain wave that allows you to concentrate on the task at hand.

Are you having trouble solving a problem? If you follow the advice of Albert Einstein- “No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness it was created” Then you would need to induce the Gamma brainwave that expands your consciousness and allows you to experience more insight.

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed and want to experience inner peace and healing? The Delta brainwave is experienced while we are asleep. This state induces chemicals that help the body heal.

Knowing how to utilize these brainwaves can benefit and enhance your current life status. We must learn how to hack our minds to create a more peaceful and harmonious lifestyle.

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