God Protects The Innocence

God protects the innocent.

A theory Socrates believed in. In many ways, this theory could be proven wrong given what we see in the news and some of our experiences. But today, I had a very profound realization connected to this theory. I witnessed with my very own eyes, how the universe protects us.

I am fascinated with people’s psyche, what inspires them, and what drives them. So, I try to be in a constant state of observation. I believe there’s so much we can learn from people’s behavior, especially the act of kindness we fail to acknowledge in our everyday lives. 

Yesterday while having lunch at an outdoor restaurant, my attention was brought to a young father and his infant baby girl. He was leaning against the store window and began walking towards a kiddie ride, which was next to wide open cellar doors. I saw him place the baby on the ride while he tried to find the coin deposit to start the toy. He held the baby with one hand as he figured out how to start the ride.

Then came this sweet older lady and offered to hold the baby, I could see how concerned she was for the safety of the baby, she remained by the baby side until the ride was over.

If we begin to perceive the world as a large family, we would feel more connected and integrated. It’s our belief in separation, that creates the feeling of isolation and of not belonging in the world, but if we pay close attention to our lives, we can see how we are truly surrounded by angels.

By constantly living in a state of gratitude we can tap into this reality, we first must be willing to see and appreciate what others do for us.

How many angels surround you?

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