How Do We Keep Our Brain from Dying ?

How do we keep our brain from dying? After taking the Red pill, I find myself wandering into the life of the Blue pill. The blue pill represents my old life the familiar one, the one where every experience was formulated in my head; everything was safe and the only challenge I’d have would be at work. Although, work had also become predictable -I would work my way up to the top; I would go from Assistant designer to Designer, Associate Designer, and lastly to Head Designer.  

Titles fool the mind into the notion of being superior and more knowledgeable, by keeping the mind fixed on the title you forget to question the goal. What  am I learning? Why must I spec a sample of clothing for three years before I can move on to the next title? Isn’t 6 months enough? 

We have thousands of people believing that to be proficient at something they must spend a minimum of ten years performing the same job. Many people spend 40 years on autopilot living an unchallenging life and not asking a single question as to why? 

When the brain stops learning it starts dying”- David Amen 

We are known to  suppress the real issues we are facing by submerging ourselves into a TV show or shutting our mind  off with a drink or drugs.  We don’t do much after work because we feel we deserve to indulge in the things we like to do, but we aren’t doing much of anything; creativity is stagnant, and we slowly start to lose our sense of self. 

The psychologist Carl Jung best known for creating the archetypes and the personality types extrovert and introvert, maintained his creative mind active by constructing little houses, castles, and villages. He would play until his patients arrived and then again when they left. Jung used creative play as a therapeutic tool which allowed ideas to flow. 

The process of keeping the brain alive is simple -we must continue to explore new concepts, and learn new skills.


  • February 20, 2020

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