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When Does the Process of Death Begin?

When does the process of death begin? Death does not happen suddenly. Death is not just the passing of your physical body. The initiation of death takes on many forms, and it begins in our minds.

We have a vague understanding of death; we like to believe it is the dissolution of our physical body, which happens without warning. But what if I told you this concept is wrong. What if every choice you make is either leading you to a longer life or a shorter one.

The choices we make reflect the thoughts we harbor. Our lives are the mirror of our ideas and notions. So, every single thought we accept moves us towards a different outcome. Positive concepts allow us to make better choices, while negative ones steer us into a destructive lifestyle.

Everything we do is a decision between life or death. Ignorance and judgment are a form of death because we made a choice not to understand. We chose not to grow, and we are never stagnant; we are either growing or dying, but we are never still. 

But how does does death show up in our daily lives?

Fear is the most common cause of death; our fear of the unknown forces us to stay in destructive situations. We stay in unhealthy relationships; we go against our values and principles out of the fear of being rejected. We accept others’ opinions of ourselves from a lack of courage.

My favorite philosopher Socrates, who became best known as a questioner of everything and everyone, was condemned for allegedly corrupting the minds of the citizens. He was taken to trial and was found guilty. He was allowed to live under the one condition, that he stops sharing his philosophical views. Socrates chose death, saying,

” An unexamined life is not worth living.”

For Socrates, death was not being able to express who he was. It was not the death of his body that mattered but his true self and his mind. Be diligent with the examination of your thoughts. The mind ceases much quicker than the body.

How Do We Keep the Brain from Dying discourses that by learning new concepts and skills we keep the brain alive.

The process of death begins when we go against our authentic selves.

The choice is always yours, do you want to live, or do you want to die?

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