7 Steps To Cleansing The Mind

Last year, as I struggled with the highs and lows of becoming an entrepreneur and transitioning out of a fifteen-year relationship, I decided to learn more about the conscious and subconscious mind. 2019 was filled with many realizations; many of the things I had committed myself to over the years became weights, hindering my personal growth. I felt stuck, uninspired, and drained.  

I realized that the only way to grow was to do things differently, which meant I had to step out of my comfort zone. I experienced constant mood changes due to the uncertainty of my life and all the changes that had occurred. Since I couldn’t control what was happening around me, I focused on what I could manage, and that was my reaction towards things. I began using my time more constructively instead of sitting around, wishing to die. 

The subconscious mind, the reptile brain, stores information, controls our breathing, movements, whatever we do without actually thinking, which is pretty much everything! The subconscious is in charge of our fight or flight responses. The moment you go on autopilot, your subconscious is in control. The conscious mind is the area we use for reasoning, imagination, abstract thought, and language. Here is where all the analysis takes place, where you can choose. You can only choose once you become aware and have cleaned your past conditioning. 

I believe the process of cleansing the mind is simple; we must focus on what we feed the brain. At first, this may be a difficult task to do, because we spend most of the day unaware of what goes on. But once you start detecting the pattern, the process becomes more manageable.

The rewiring of the brain may seem like an impossible thing to do; keeping yourself motivated is an even bigger task. But I have created seven steps to cleansing the mind, which allows for better, more clear thinking. 

Here is how I began the cleansing process. 

Step One: Begin by eliminating useless TV watching.  

We are completely unaware of how much conditioning occurs through the shows and movies we watch. We are in a hypnotic trance induced by the programing we are viewing. We are unaware that the reason we chose vanilla ice cream instead of chocolate, was because or favorite actor eats vanilla ice cream in our favorite show. 

Step Two: Limite the interaction with people who are always negative. 

Negative people aren’t just miserable; they thrive on seeing others like them. The more you focus on the negative, the more it shows up in your life. 

Step Three: Learn something new.

I have read and studied cases on creativity, and the most common factor of creative people is that they are always learning new skills. I, for instance, decided to start sketching biomorphic designs, and it has allowed me to see geometry from a unique perspective. 

Step Four: Spend some time in complete silence.

Spending time in silence does not only ground you in the present moment, but it helps bring peace and clarity to your mind. To recharge the brain, we must eliminate distractions. 

Step Five: Eat without any distractions.

While we live in a society entirely against this method, it’s probably one of the many causes of obesity. When we focus on many other things while eating, we are not mindful, so we are not in tune with our bodies. We can’t gauge how full we are—leading us to overeat.

Step Six: Explore a new place a month.

The exploration of new places not only brings excitement, but it also brings inspiration. Whenever I am feeling stuck, without any motivation, I travel to a place I’ve never been to before, this helps refresh my mind. I believe that seeing is the same as tasting; you need to broaden our taste pallets to grow. 

Step Seven: Spend some time reading. 

Reading increases brainpower. Scientist Timothy Keller and Marcel uncovered evidence that the brain tissue that carries signals where information is processed had improved considerably after children’s reading skills improved. The evidence demonstrates that it’s possible to rewire the brain, which can treat developmental disorders. 

I love purchasing physical books. I love the smell and the process of flipping the pages, but when I want to travel light I prefer to take my Kindle E-Reader; it is small and weighs close to nothing. I also have access to hundreds of books, so if my interest changes throughout the day I can choose from any of the books I have available in my library.

Here is the Kindle E-Reader I use (Disclaimer: Thinking Substance has no advertisements but we do partner up with vendors who sell stuff relevant to the content of this site.

This process allowed me to become more aware of my triggers; I am more grounded and less emotional. I have more control over my reactions to situations. I make better choices based on my current state and not influenced by past psychological conditioning.

Learning how to manage our emotions and reactions, allows us to feel more adequate, it is the path to trusting ourselves.

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  • The things we do without thinking must be one of the hardest thing to think about.

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