Are You Searching For The Clues Of The Universe?

Are you searching for the clues of the universe?? The universe is always sending us messages and answering our questions. Are you present enough to see them or hear them? The universe responds to our problems, but we must become aware of the language. 

Imagine life is a treasure hunt, and every day you are searching for the clues to find it. How mindful would you be if this was the goal in life? In essence, in life, we are seeking and discovering our true selves. We are an unlimited being capable of achieving anything, but we must become aware of the clues surrounding us to be able to move forward. 

Last year, I took a trip to the doctor’s office with my mom. In the waiting area, there was a pile of books on a small children’s table. I felt an urge to look through the books. At the time, I was delving into spirituality and alternative healing methods. In the pile of books, I found Healing Visualizations- Creating Health Through Imagery, Shambhala- The sacred path of the warrior, Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandin and The Lost Teachings of Jesus. I was stunned to find these books in a clinic, but what shocked me the most was the notes I found inside one of them. 

Note 1 out of 4: 

“A book can inspire, expand perspectives, remind us of the truth we already know-but real transformation entails a whole life of practice.

The life & practices of the peaceful warrior is action -being useful to others. In the eye of Spirit, little things count. What you give you receive. Doing is understanding, and you can do anything when you find the heart for it and the courage. Of course, we all make mistakes; it’s how we learn. We’re all in training. Life can be difficult; what an opportunity! The light will disturb us when we have comfort and comfort us when we’re disturbed. 

We turn to spirit for help when our foundations are shaking, only to find that it is Spirt who is shaking them. 

We all have our higher self so be guided by the best that is within you. In any moment, you can ask, “what would my higher self do?” and you’ll know the right course. Trust yourself, trust the process that is your life. You are the spiritual being you’ve been waiting for. 

It’s said that there’s one journey but many paths. Without distance, we travel together.” 

The messages were so profound; my eyes swelled with tears. It confirmed the saying – “what you are looking for is also looking for you.”The receptionist noticed my excitement and allowed me to take any book home. After this experience, I have been looking at life with curious eyes. Practicing mindfulness, knowing that messages are everywhere, and all I have to do is notice them. 

Messages arrive through many forms, It might be through a movie, a conversation with a friend, through a strangers conversation, a book, it might be a reappearing number, or by taking a new route to work. Have you noticed the synchronicity in your life?


  • April 29, 2020

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