Dreams: The Gateway to Our Authentic Self

Dreams are the world of symbols, where the subconscious communicates to us. Anything that has ever made an impression in our lives, will appear as the following symbols- a person, animal or nature during our dream state.

Throughout history, great philosophers and psychologists have been on a quest to discover the enigma we call life. Such realizations can only be achieved through the process of self-exploration.

Psychoanalytical is a word Sigmund Freud coined- the process in which we discover ourselves. Freud believed dreams expressed our true desires, emotions, and unfulfilled wishes. Carl Jung believed dreams had an underlying idea and intention – it is expressing something important the unconscious wants to say. Jung expressed the importance of concentrating on the content of the dream. Both Freud and Jung believed dreams often rise from emotional upsets.

The Art of Listening” by Erich Fromm, was based on the case study of a patient who was living a mediocre life, filled with repressed emotions and unexpressed feelings. Erich Fromm concocted the following analysis from this case study:

“How in our sleep we know things although we disguise them. Christiane’s dream shows clearly, she knows all this and yet in waking life she does deny this and nothing of this knowledge is available. And that is indeed why our dreams are so much more real than our waking thoughts. Our waking thoughts are mostly lies and fictions. To express myself somewhat more strongly for clarity’s sake I prefer to say most of our conscious thoughts are lies and fictions than to say most of our conscious thoughts are respectable and true.” 

If our dreams indicate the truth about how we feel, and our waking life is the stage in which we act our rehearsed play. How can we be more authentic when expressing our emotions during the waking period?

After reading the Art of Listening, I became aware of the messages my subconscious would send me. I learned to identify the symbols presented in my dreams, and how they related to my waking state.

It is important to understand the significance of dreams while discovering our true selves. Dreams are the key to the mysterious entity we call spirit. When analyzing a dream, we should focus our attention on the feeling being conveyed through the form of symbols.

Control over our lives does not begin unless we learn to listen. Are you prepared to discover your true self?

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