Do You Want an Eternity of the Life You’re Living?

Do You Want an Eternity of the Life You’re Living? Everyone knows the NYC subway is where you go if you want to question your existence. It is as if the mind abandons the body, refusing to endure this mundane task of traveling from one place to another. We become absent-minded to avoid despair and begin to wander into our minds.

Nietzsche has a way of reaching the core of your being, his work opens a portal to another dimension. If you don’t suffer from an existential crisis, once you read Nietzsche, I can assure you his work will lead you there.
While on the train ride to the botanical garden, I decided to read the Eternal Recurrence. Let me tell you, it got ugly…

The Eternal Recurrence is the concept of reliving the same life over and over again.
Here’s exactly how Nietzsche phrased it-

“What if a demon were to creep up to you one night when you are all alone and feeling lonely and were to say to you that the life you have lived and continue to live will be the same life you will live again and again for infinity? This life will be the same: no additions and no omissions, every pain, every joy, every small and great event. If this were the case, would you cry out in despair over such a prospect, or would you think it to be the most wonderful outlook ever?” – (The Gay Science)

After reading Nietzsche’s theorem, I felt an immense feeling of despair. My mind began playing the traumas I had endured in the past, and it brought me to my current financial problems. I felt overwhelmed by the emotion. Which only indicates that I am not living the most fulfilling life.
This realization leads me to select my activities more carefully and question my motives. I ask myself, would I want an eternity of this? before I begin any goal.

What would you change about your life?

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