Expression Create New forms of Communications

Human evolution consists of expressing ourselves in an ever-more deep and sophisticated way. As we evolve, and therefore expand our language and our communication skills, our personal form of expression changes as we go learning different ways to communicate our complex ideas and emotions. An infant communicates by crying; the toddler learns to use their hands to point or touch to get someone’s attention.

The entire drama of human evolution comes down to the functioning of one organ in our body: THE BRAIN.

THE BRAIN: …the most neglected organ in our body.

The brain is composed of billions of neurons; they communicate with each other by turning chemicals into electrical impulses. Neurotransmitters -combined with the nervous system, work together to communicate within the body.
Neurons are responsible for all internal communication, from thought to pain to hunger. They also convert external stimuli from the environment to the equivalence of internal stimuli. In essence our experience of the world comes down to communication… and the brain is the organ in charge of that.

If how we experience the world is a matter of communication, then the only way to reach our full potential is by constant brain stimulation and specially learning to activate new regions of our brain by learning new skills such as painting, fast-typing, coding, playing an instrument, learning a new language, etc.

We all know that by learning new ways to express our individuality help us experience more freedom; then why don’t we continue to pursue different ways to express ourselves?

For instance, a lack of communication in the body causes illnesses, like the emotion builded up from being upset when we cannot express ourselves correctly to others. Expressing ourselves swiftly, succinctly, with clarity, depth, and efficiency help us release build-up tension. When tension is not released it causes dis-ease.

They are many ways we can express our individuality. I find that writing makes me feel lighter, my mind is clear and my emotions are easier to manage. I also experience the same feelings when I create garments, sketch, and sing (in the shower of course!) There are many forms of expression. I suggest that you delve into things you haven’t tried before to stimulate new areas of your brain.

I began by reading topics I had not studied in the past. I also challenged myself to sketch without editing. Writing began as a form to effectively communicate my internal voice so that I would experience a more coherent thought process.

As adults, we need to continue to learn new ways to express and release or ideas. We must learn different ways to drain out our thoughts, in a constructive and empowering way to align with our true limitless self.


  • September 11, 2020


    Love this!! Everything we do is a form of communication with the universe… it couldn’t be more true

  • June 7, 2021

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