assumptions become facts

Assumptions Become Facts

Our entire lives consist of assumptions; those assumptions are usually based on other people’s experience of life. The problem with this mechanism is that we create a deceitful reality for ourselves. Our expectations mold the experience that creates the outcome. Generally, we assume the worst outcome of any giving situation. Not realizing that by doing so we alter our reality. Ever wonder why things aren’t going so well? Why life seems so difficult? Could it be because that’s what you are expecting?

While attending college I was asked what my field of study was. The comments I received 9/10 times were that I was going to have a very hard time finding a job in that specific field.

There was an incident I had to resolve in court involving some parking tickets. The judge asked me personal questions about my life. I shared I had a daughter and was in college majoring in fashion design. He proceeded to lecture me about my choice in career. He said I needed a more dependable career, and that fashion design was not one of them given my age. I believe I was 25 at the time.

In this example I had someone of authority give me unsolicited advice, because of his position it doesn’t take much effort for my subconscious to believe such statements. Without any evidence, my mind would turn that assumption into a fact. But what evidence does this individual have that allows him to make such a statement? and why do we accept negative comments without question?

Fast forward, I was hired within the first two months after graduating; Of course I waited until after graduation and vacationing to apply for a job which is why it took two months, but this is not what many can say. I know friends who studied in promising fields not be so fortunate. My career also proved to be essential during the Covid-19 pandemic. Designers were asked to make face masks, and PPE equipment for doctors, nurses, and essential workers.

But career only covers one small portion of the assumptions and opinions we turn into facts. We allow others to influences all aspects of our lives. We adopt other people’s experiences not realizing that we interact with the world differently.

The problem with this way of thinking is that we lose our autonomy, we are not independent but a virus feeding off the already established system. We lose our uniqueness, we are individuals, and only through our uniqueness can we contribute something new to this world.

We must break free from this error way of thinking and allow ourselves to experience life through our filter.

How many negative assumptions have you hardened into facts throughout your life?

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