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Future Self Meditation

This guided meditation is designed to help bring awareness of the person you want to become. Spending a few days a week meditating on your future self, can help you identify what to pursue and what goals to achieve. Assisting you in the process of manifesting the desired outcome.

I like to practice this meditation in the mornings before getting out  of bed. To help center and direct the day.

Lets Begin..

Close your eyes… 

Begin with three long exhales.  

You don’t have to do anything, just bring your attention to your body.  

Allow a pleasant feeling to permeate your body, as you begin to feel a wave of relaxation. 

Breathe and exhale as you normally do, just feel the air as it passes through your nostrils filling up your lungs.  

Envision yourself releasing toxins and stress from your body as you exhale. 

Bring your attention to your body. As you inhale envision your toes being filled with the oxygen and releasing the toxins as you exhale. Continue moving through your feet, up through your legs then towards your torso, filling your arms and lastly your neck and head with the new oxygen.  

In a moment you will relax completely. 

 As I begin counting from 10-1. 

You will begin to go up a ladder ascending with each step.  

As you go up the stairs, you will being to feel lighter and lighter, until you feel like a feather floating in the sky. 

Number 10 …eyes are closed, you’re at the bottom of the stairs. 

Number Nine… You are letting go  

Eight … you feel lighter.. 


Six…  you feel calm and peaceful 


Four…breathe in deeply 

Two.. You are more and more relaxed  

One.. You are at the last step, where you feel deeply relaxed and light as a feather. Every muscle in your body is loose and the feeling of comfort flows through your body. 


Spend this time visualizing your present state, think about who you are at this moment 

What do you love about yourself? 

How do people perceive you?  

What do they love about you? 

Spend a few moments thinking of this person. Remember a moment when you felt confident, and accomplished. Feel the energy, and allow it to consume your body.  


Visualize your future self,  

Who are you then?  

How are you feeling? 

What are you doing?  

What do you enjoy the most about where you are?  

How are you dressed?  

What surrounds you? 

What are you going to eat for dinner?  


Once you have settled in this new state and feeling, set your mind by allowing yourself to bring all the positive feelings from your visualization.  

Embody this person you want to become. Feel the energy of accomplishment and achievement 

Feel as if this person is who you are at the present moment and feel the joy it brings you. 

You can now begin your day.


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