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The Dark Night of the Soul

The battle between the old self and the new one, the beginning of the end. The end of what you had previously known and wanted, heading towards the path of the unknown.

It’s a revolution of the consciousness, the loss of self-identity. The intrusion of repressed memories interrupting you while you bathe, eat and sleep.

You realize, that what you have been looking at is a mirror and the only one standing in front of it, is you.

You become aware the repressed aspects of your personality manifest in the people surrounding you. Your suppressed emotions of anger are being reflected in the temper of your boss or partner.

There is nowhere to hide because the mind is the creator of it all, and all there is consciousness. This awareness brings you to the conclusion that there is no end to life itself.

The mind never sleeps, so your only choice is to surrender, to accept every thought, every image that obtrudes your present state.

Acknowledging  them for what they are,

Just thoughts…

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