Is Abundance a State of Being or Doing?

Is abundance a state of being or doing? Everyone constantly strives to live in a state of abundance, but fail to perceive the numerous forms of abundance. Hear me out for a second; we like to believe abundance is the flow and accumulation of money. We attach the symbol of money to the experiences we wish to have, yet we fail to acknowledge the experiences when we manifest wealth differently.
Last year I resigned from my 9-5 job and decided to become an entrepreneur. After the realization, I was selling my skills and acquired knowledge for a minimum wage in the industry I was working in.
This was the most terrifying decisions I’ve ever made and the most liberating one. Who are we if it’s not our ideals and visions of whom we want to be?

For many years I believed I had to work a salary job to live the life I desired until I became aware of the evidence of prosperity around me. I want to demonstrate the many forms abundance has taken presence in my life.

I realized New York City was one of the most abundant cities in the world. Where we can eat pizza for $1, visit museums, and watch movies for free. Anyone can have access to libraries around all 5 boroughs and with just $5.50 we can travel to whatever location we wish to go to.

Ideas represent another form of abundance because through them we generate cash and unique experiences. Having nontraditional employment allowed me to experiment with concepts and broaden my skills. I created organic soaps and lotions that I have been able to sell. I also began writing and exercising this skill as a form of expression to document my path through self-discovery and awareness.

Prosperity takes the form of the connections we make that lead us to better versions of ourselves. Each person we meet is a bridge to other perspectives and ideas, leading us to more content lives and a better understanding of the world.

I was able to notice how abundant my life was by living in gratitude, by taking chances and by not taking things for granted. Here is a story of how money manifested in my life through strangers. During the summer I decided to visit my mother in Pennsylvania because she wasn’t feeling well. I purchased a one-way ticket because I didn’t possess the funds to buy a return ticket. I entered the bus and forgot to buy a small coffee to drink along the ride. Once I settled in, a lady asks me if I wanted the return ticket she had purchased because she wasn’t going to use it, later an elderly couple offers me their Starbucks coffee saying they were not going to have it because they bought too much.

I can incorporate many other experiences that prove this is a state of being and not doing, but I may never end. Here is the secret to this experience -All you must do is open our eyes and believe.


  • January 14, 2020

    Melvin Garcia

    Great story, very inspiring!

    • February 4, 2020


      Socrates believed inspiration is the divine moving you, and it occurs by the magnetic pull attracting us to the object.


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