Could Self Mastery Be The Goal of Life?

Could self-mastery be the true goal of life? Self mastery is about bringing awareness to the present moment.
Anxiety comes from our inability to stay present. Research shows our attention span is 2-5 minutes long, but even before we switch our focus from one thing to the other, we are anticipating our switch. So, we spend less time doing what we think we are doing.
True concentration can only be achieved by focusing on the details of the things around us. Concentrating on the task at hand without becoming distracted. Have you ever walked down a street and noticed something you had never seen before, yet you’ve walked down that same block for years? And you’ve asked yourself -why haven’t I seen this before?

If you are an iPhone user and want to gauge your level of mastery. Go to the settings on your iPhone. Click on screen time, see all activity, scroll down to Pickups. There you can see the number of times you’ve picked up your phone today.
During the summer I checked my 13 yrs. daughter’s screen time and noticed she had picked up her phone 324 times that day. How could anyone be immersed in the present moment when they’ve picked up their phones that many times? It is not possible. I realized she could not detach herself from her phone and knew it was affecting her mental health, so I began to regulate her phone usage.

Our phones are not our only distractions. We are constantly bombarded with images, scents that take us to memories. We are thinking of the troubles of today, the fears of the future. We experience life with the overstimulation of our senses. We eat while we watch T.V and check our phones at the same time, music has become the background soundtrack that never turns off. We jump from one sensorial engagement to the next without pausing, without giving our full attention to one thing.

Self- mastery is when you can choose what to give your attention to without losing focus.

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